Restaurant Menu


Pakhusets own hot smoked salmon

With asparagus and herbal cream

Kr. 79,-

Veal carpaccio

With truffle oil and parmesan shavings

Kr. 89,-

Pakhusets shrimp dish

Kr. 69,-

Nachos with cheddar cheese, salsa and guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos.

Kr. 59,-

Snack basket

With mozzarella top, chili / chess top, spicy potato spirals / waffles. Served with BBQ sauce and garlic dressing

Kr. 59,-


Grilled salmon with dill / lime sauce

For this, fresh pasta and green asparagus.

Kr. 169,-

Barbecue spare ribs with french fries

Medium Kr. 139,-
Large Kr. + 40,-
Extra Large Kr. + 60,-

Unlimited salad bar for main courses

Kr. 25,-


Pakhuset burger

200 gr. Steak with cheese, bacon, homemade relish and assorted greens, served with homemade onion rings and steak fries

Kr. 139,-

Super hard rock burger by night

200 gr. Steak with cheese, bacon and various vegetables, served with steak fries (also available as spicy)

Kr. 129,-

Club sandwich by night

Served with hot fried chicken, bacon and assorted greens. For this, seasoned potato slices.

Kr. 129,-

Pakhusets pasta dish

Pasta with tomato / cream sauce, chicken (250g), bacon and onion. For this bread and butter.

kr. 119,-

Grillede retter

Steak of beef tenderloin

​200 gr. Kr. 249,-
​300 gr. Kr. + 80,-
​400 gr. Kr. + 140,-

Steak of beef tenderloin (angus)

​200 gr. Kr. 199,-
​300 gr. Kr. + 70,-
​400 gr. Kr. + 120,-

Chicken breast fillet on grill

​200 gr. Kr. 139,-
​300 gr. Kr. +35,-
​400 gr. Kr. + 60,-

Accessories for the above

All grilled dishes are with optional potato and sauce.

Potatoes - choose from:

Today's potato, spicy potato slices, steak fries, french fries, roast potatoes

Sauces - choose from:

​​Red wine sauce, pepper sauce, bearnaise sauce, tomato / paprika sauce, whiskey sauce, tzatziki / garlic


Homemade cheesecake

Served with orange sorbet

Kr. 69,-

Homemade bleeding chocolate cake with softice

Kr. 59,-

Belgian Waffle with softice

Kr. 69,-

Unlimited softice with large topping bar

"Eat all you can"

Kr. 49,-

Restaurant Pakhuset

Opening hours

  • Monday - Thursday11.30 - 21.30
  • Friday - Saturday11.30 - 22.00
  • Saturday Brunchdog fra kl. 11.00
  • Sunday as well as holidays11.00 - 21.00

Table reservation

Reservations and table bookings, as well as ordering Take-Away can be made on tel .: 97 35 08 55 during restaurant hours.

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